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Violation of Probation in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney for Probation Violations

The attorneys of Taracks & Associates are committed to defending the rights of the accused, and if you have been charged with a violation of the terms of your probation, do not hesitate to contact us for help. Come to our firm for a free, confidential consultation with a St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney from our team, to discuss the circumstances of the alleged violation and begin work on a strategy for resolving the situation.

Charged with a violation of probation or parole?

Prosecutors will often agree to place a criminal defendant on probation as part of a plea bargain, to avoid the investment of time and resources involved in taking a case to trial, and the courts are often eager to approve such arrangements in light of the fact that many of the jails and prisons are overcrowded. Probation is typically available to those who do not appear to pose a threat of repeat offenses or continued danger to society, and it is essentially a second chance to prove that you are capable of obeying the law. Unfortunately, the terms involved in a probation or parole are often highly restrictive and difficult to follow.

If you are convicted of violating your probation, the duration of probation may be extended or the terms may be increased, or you could even be forced to serve the full terms of your sentence. Violations can include anything from committing another crime to failing a urine test after a conviction for DUI or a drug crime, as well as missing appointments with your probation officer or neglecting to carry out mandatory community service. Whether the accusation is based on a misunderstanding or if you simply made a mistake, we will represent you at your hearing and fight to settle the matter in your favor.

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