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Traffic Tickets in St. Petersburg

Fight Your Traffic Ticket in St. Petersburg

Traffic tickets are so common in St. Petersburg that to many people in our area they are simply a fact of life. Most drivers who have been pulled over and cited for a traffic violation hurry to pay the fine, thinking that by doing so they are avoiding a negative outcome. The fact is that paying the fine is the last thing you should do. You have a right to contest any ticket, and many people who do so are successful in having the citation dropped.

If you are determined to fight your ticket, come to Taracks & Associates to speak with a St. Petersburg criminal lawyer from our team. We have over 40 years of combined criminal defense experience and a former prosecutor on our team, and we know the most effective strategies for contesting tickets for speeding, reckless driving, stop sign violations and running red lights.

Defending Your Rights from Traffic Ticket Penalties

Any time you pay the fine for a traffic ticket, you are entering a guilty plea in the case. When the fact of your citation is reported to your insurance company, you can expect your premiums to increase, as you will be categorized as being more at-risk for being involved in a car accident. To make matters worse, The Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles will add points to your driving record, leading toward a possible suspension. If you accumulate twelve points in a twelve-month period, you can lose your license for thirty days, while eighteen points in eighteen months leads to a three-month suspension and twenty-four points within thirty-six months can cost you your license for a full year. Don't take chances with your driving privilege-fight your ticket!

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