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Understanding Theft Crimes

Defending Your Rights Against Theft Crime Charges

Don't let an arrest for a theft offense ruin your future! Call or visit us at Taracks & Associates as early as possible after you have been accused of theft, for a free, confidential consultation with a knowledgeable St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer from our team. We will help you understand your rights, and will begin work immediately on a strategy for clearing your name of the charges. This may be a highly stressful time for you, especially if it is your first involvement in the criminal justice system, but we will stand by you as the case progresses, advising you of your options and fighting for your rights.

The penalty you could receive if convicted for a theft offense depends on a number of factors. The value of stolen goods will influence the charges: for example, theft of property valued at over $100,000 can be charged as grand theft in the first degree-a felony crime-while stealing items valued at over $100 but less than $300 is petit theft of the first degree-a misdemeanor. A burglary or robbery charge can be increased if you are accused of carrying or using a firearm or deadly weapon, while certain theft offenses carry enhancements, such as if the item is stolen from a home or if the victim is an elderly person.

Have you been arrested for a theft offense?

Our firm represents clients who have been accused of all types of theft crimes, from shoplifting and embezzlement to burglary and robbery, and with over 40 years of experience and a team that includes a former prosecutor, we know how to get results. You should at all costs avoid speaking about the case with anyone but an attorney, to safeguard yourself against making self-incriminating statements-seek our help early in the case, so that we can help you find a way through this difficult experience.

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