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What is Expungement?

Tired of living with a criminal record?

If you have been found guilty of a crime, you know what a major effect a criminal conviction can have on your life. You may have put the experience of your arrest and prosecution behind you, but it will continue to follow you into your future. Whether you have a misdemeanor or a felony crime on your record, you may be having trouble securing a home mortgage, a car loan or a line of credit, as well as being approved for a rental application. There is also the difficulty that may arise when you are required to disclose the fact of having a criminal record when applying for employment or seeking professional licensure. Beyond all these circumstances there is the embarrassment and social stigma associated with living as a convict.

Sealing of Criminal Records in St. Petersburg

Fortunately, you may be able to put an end to all this by filing a petition to have your criminal record expunged or sealed. An expungement removes the record altogether, while sealing the record makes it available only under highly restricted circumstances. At Taracks & Associates, we have more than a quarter century of combined experience fighting for the rights of the accused, and are ready to help you today. We know how important this action may be for your future, and will work to help you make a fresh start.

State law places strict qualifications on expunging criminal records, and certain offenses are not eligible, such as aggravated assault & battery, sex crimes such as child pornography or sexual battery, murder or domestic violence resulting in injury. A St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer from our team can meet with you for a consultation to determine whether you are eligible and to start working on your petition.

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