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Bench Warrants in St. Petersburg

Has a bench warrant been issued for your arrest?

If you have been arrested and released on bail, it is vital that you attend all your subsequent court dates, as if you miss a single one you can be arrested and taken to jail. The same is true if you have been accused of a violation of probation or if you have been issued a traffic ticket and ordered to appear in court. When the judge finds you in contempt of court, a bench warrant will most likely be issued in your name, and you can be arrested wherever the police find you-at your home, on the roadside in a traffic stop or even at work.

You may be able to avoid an arrest and the disruption this could cause in your life by taking action now to resolve the situation. Waiting will only make the situation worse, but you can improve your chances of resolving the matter in your favor by retaining a criminal defense attorney to represent you before the judge. Whether you have recently learned of the warrant or if you have been living with the stress and anxiety for months or years, there are many strategies for tackling the situation, and you may be able to avoid a negative outcome.

How a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

At Taracks & Associates, we have more than 40 years of combined experience representing the rights of the accused, and a St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer from our firm is ready to meet with you now for a free, confidential consultation. If you seek our help now, we may be able to intervene on your behalf with the judge to clear up any misunderstanding and help keep you out of jail. Facing the situation may be difficult, but by taking proactive measures you may be able to free yourself of the burden you now carry.

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